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Sam Rashid was born in Pakistan and educated in American schools in Pakistan and England.  In 1971, his family emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where he completed his education.  In 1981, Sam joined DOMAN Industries, Inc., one of the largest lumber producing companies in Canada, as Cargo Operations Coordinator for Doman's United States operations.

In December 1982, Sam moved to Tampa to initiate direct/wholesale startup operations for DOMAN.  Successfully achieving the fastest growth of any DOMAN affiliate, the Tampa based company, at its peak, distributed over 60 million board feet of lumber annually in Florida.

In 1985, Sam resigned from DOMAN Industries to start his own company.  The company was formed as the exclusive sales agents for a German machinery company, HOLTEC GmbH.  The type of equipment manufactured was previously unknown and unattainable in North America.  It took about three years to develop a market for this product and during that time, Sam worked out of his home under the auspices of his company, HOLTEC (USA) Corporation.

In 1990, HOLTEC (USA) Corporation built a facility in Plant City to handle importing, distribution and servicing of its systems throughout North America, and today HOLTEC is recognized as a leading supplier of equipment to the lumber industry.

Sam is active in local, state, and national issues concerning small business.  He served for over ten years as a member of the Leadership Council for the National Federation of Independent Business (Florida), an organization representing over 15,000 small businesses in Florida, and also served for two terms as a National Vice Chairman for The Leadership Trust in Washington, D.C.

In 1999, Sam was recruited by University of South Florida President, Betty Castor, along with Dr. Martin Silbiger, Dean of Medicine of the University of South Florida to assist their efforts in creating the University of South Florida Child and Infant Development Center.  This medical research facility was conceptualized by Dr. Archie Silver, a world renowned research scientist and pediatric psychologist to identify and assist in the early intervention of developmentally disabled children, particularly those that were misdiagnosed and mislabeled in our public school system, and to bring these children into a mainstream environment by treating their development disabilities at an effective age.  Sam was successful in persuading our Florida State House, Senate, and the Executive Office of the Governor to fund the capital appropriation amounting to approximately $5 million to build the infrastructure and then fund a recurring operational annual allocation of $ 250,000 to operate the center when it was opened.  The Center for Child and Infant Development commenced operations in 2003.  As a result of his efforts, Sam was awarded the distinguished University of South Florida Dean's Award for 2000 by Dr. Martin Silbiger, the former Dean of the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida.

In July, 2000, Sam Rashid was appointed by Florida Governor Jeb Bush as his small business representative to the Board of Directors of Workforce Florida, Inc., an entity created by Federal and Florida State Statute to act as the principal workforce policy organization for the State of Florida with its primary responsibility to design, implement and manage strategies that help Floridians enter, remain in and advance in the workplace.  Chaired by Senate President Toni Jennings, Sam was then appointed by President Jennings to the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Finance Committee with a charge to ensure fiscal accountability in the oversight of the significant fiduciary responsibility given to the Board by the State of Florida.

As Chairman of the Finance Committee, Sam was instrumental in the development and implementation of "Individual Development Accounts" for the neediest citizens of the state of Florida.  These personal saving accounts would allow state funds to match on personal savings to allow our neediest low-income earning citizens to afford health care, start a small business, or buy a home for the first time.  The "IDA" process was designed to motivate those citizens that normally use all their available monthly wages for living and personal expenses to attempt to put aside a few dollars per month in a registered savings account, by using federal and state funds which are already allocated to provide "temporary help to needy families (TANF)", to match the savings amount to a certain limitation.

In November, 2001, Sam Rashid was nominated by Congressman Michael Bilirakis, the ranking member of the Florida delegation to the United States House of Representatives, to represent Florida's small business community at the 2002 White House Summit on Small Business issues in Washington, D.C.

In November, 2002, Sam was nominated to Vice-Chairman of Workforce Florida, Inc., and in January, 2003, Sam was asked to Chair the Joint Council on Unemployment Compensation.  Recognizing that the State of Florida was expending Unemployment Compensation funds at a remarkably high rate (approximate one million dollars per day), the Governor approved the formation of the Joint Council to oversee the operational funding of the UC fund as well as ensure that the trust fund for Unemployment Compensation is guarded against potential losses which would automatically mandate rate increases on businesses in Florida.

In March, 2003, Sam was appointed to the Board of Director's of the Florida Alzheimer's Research Institute by Speaker of the Florida State House, Johnnie B. Byrd.  The Florida Alzheimer's Research Institute was created by the Florida Legislation in 2002 with an initial budget of $25 Million to construct and implement a world-class research center with its mission to ultimately cure this disabling disease.  State legislation which created this center also enacted a time limit of December 31, 2003, to begin the construction of the facility.  As such, the Board recognized the time and commitment requirements to implement a design and construction schedule and Speaker Byrd further nominated Sam to Chair the Building & Facilities Design Committee with its mission to complete the process of creating, designing, implementing and awarding a construction contract, , for up to a 100,000 Square Feet facility.  Speaker Byrd also appointed President of The University of South Florida, Judy Genshaft, Robert Roskamp of Sarasota, and Ms. Amy Giordano of Tampa to this committee to assist in the completion of its goals.  This center was successfully built on time, on-budget and the Johnny B. Byrd Alzheimer's Research Center is today recognized as a leader in the hunt for a cure for this devastating disease.

Sam has also authored several op-ed pieces pertaining to politics and current events, specifically,

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Sam has two children, Jade, age 26, a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and now in pursuit of her Master's Degree - and Jordan, age 24, a graduate of Loyola University (Chicago) and is now pursuing his Doctorate Degree at the University of California (Irvine) in Cognitive Psychology.

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